LLC CityTrip


The office of our company CityTrip is located at the address: office 241, 78, 13-line str., Vasilyevsky Island, Saint Petersburg.

For the convenience of our customers, the company's office is located on Vasilyevsky Island, in the historical part of St. Petersburg.

LLC CityTrip is fully licensed by the Federal Agency for Tourism, therefore we have the right to organize visa-free excursions for cruise passengers. We cooperate with professional guides who love their city. Our car park consists of modern, well-equipped and technically sound cars of various classes and brands, managed by polite and competent drivers.

Benefits of the company city trip:

  • The excursions we offer always take place. The cost of the tour includes visits to museums and theaters.
  • Our managers are always in touch.
  • We control the quality of each excursion, tour and additional services and we have insured the company's civil liability.
  • Thanks to a large staff of professional guides, we can always adjust the schedule and provide our customers with a high level of service.
  • Our excursions are carried out with the participation of professionals, who know their position.
  • When choosing a guide-interpreter for you, we are guided by the wishes of the guests and the peculiarities of the group. Specialists with specialized pedagogical education conduct excursions for groups of kids.
  • When visiting museums you do not have to wait in lines. We are bound by long-term contracts with popular museums of St. Petersburg, we make an advanced order of excursion service, so that you can visit the museum without queuing. There will not be additional payments.

We will plan a program of excursions according to your wishes and the schedule of arrival / departure of the cruise ship. Turning to us, you will comfortably get acquainted with the best sights of St. Petersburg and the famous suburbs of our city.

We provide high level of service at reasonable prices; we cooperate with individuals and legal entities, offering to pay for services in a convenient way. We assist in booking other services (restaurant reservations, theater tickets).