Excursion to Peterhof is a must-have program for every tourist. If you want to feel the true purpose of the city, then definitely worth a visit to the summer residence of the emperor. Thanks to the elegant fountains, picturesque parks and magnificent palaces, Peterhof is called the Russian Versailles.

The tour will begin with a departure from the center of St. Petersburg. In Peterhof, you will look at the park and fountains. A walk through the park will be an exciting and enjoyable experience for you, accompanied by a guide who will tell you historical facts, amazing legends about fountains and people who once created them and walked along the same paths!

Peterhof is a wonderful creation of Peter the Great. Today it is a grand complex, comprising about a half dozen landscape ensembles, stretching along the Gulf of Finland for 10 km.

Peterhof is a magical fusion of parks, colorful gardens, stately palaces. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you will visit the Grand Palace, its dazzling beauty and decoration of the rooms and interiors (the oak room of Peter I, the Throne Room, the Audience Hall, the Chesmensky, the Dance Hall and others). The palace has long been the center of social life.

What's included in this package:

  • entrance tickets to the Grand Palace and Park of Peterhof
  • transportation by a private car/minibus
  • professional guide speaking English, Spanish, German, Italian or French
  • meeting in your centrally located hotel
  • bottled water
  • raincoats in case of rain
  • welcome gifts

What's NOT included in this package:

  • meal
  • Price: 180€

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